New Hampshire Unemployment Eligibility

This page provides general guidelines on how to apply for New Hampshire unemployment benefits. View the unemployment eligibility requirements, the process to file for unemployment in New Hampshire, how long your benefits last and how to calculate unemployment rate. If you filed your claim and it was disqualified, denied New Hampshire unemployment. You can apply for New Hampshire unemployment online at

New Hampshire Unemployment Eligibility

In order to be eligible for unemployment compensation, you must meet the following requirements in each week:

How do I file for unemployment benefits in New Hampshire

To file your unemployment claim online, go to To be timely for your first week of unemployment, you must file your initial claim within 3 business days of becoming unemployed. For filing purposes you are considered to be unemployed on the last day you actually work or on the day your work hours are significantly reduced. If you have worked full time during a week, do not open your claim that week. Open your claim the following Sunday through Saturday period. Example: Your last day of work was Friday, April 9, 2004 and you worked a full week. Open your claim between Sunday, April 11 and Saturday, April 17.

If you receive separation pay such as severance for a period of more than 30 days after your last physical day of employment, you may want to review the Amount and Duration of Benefits information provided on this website to determine the best time to open your claim. To be timely, the claim must be initiated no later than the last calendar day of the first week for which you wish to file for benefits. Your claim is effective the calendar week it is opened.

Calculating New Hampshire unemployment benefits

Payments for unemployment benefits can vary from state to state, but calculating how much you will receive is simple enough to figure out for yourself. Most states determine weekly benefits using the base period quarter in which wages are highest, called the High-Quarter Method. The remaining states might use multiple methods based off the Annual-Wage Method to the Average-Weekly-Wage Formula. Because the High-Quarter Method is the most common method of computing benefits, you may be able to use this to help you determine your unemployment benefits.

How can I estimate my unemployment benefit amount

The period that the wage earner worked closes to full time is called the high quarter. This is the period in which wages were the highest. Take the amount earned during that quarter and divide by 13, which is the number of weeks in a calendar quarter. The state determines the percentage of that wage that will be replaced. The weekly wage is divided and the weekly benefit is calculated based on the weekly wage. Depending on the state you live in, the benefit amount may replace one half of the average weekly earnings.

How long do New Hampshire unemployment benefits last

After the unemployment benefits have been calculated, your state will determine the duration of benefits. Several states establish uniform durations of 26 weeks for all workers who meet qualifying wage requirements, while other states have the flexibility to assign benefits lasting anywhere from 26 to 30 weeks.