Idaho Unemployment Department

The department in this state that handles unemployment insurance is called Idaho Labor. If you have questions or issues about filing a new or weekly unemployment claim, they should be able to assist you. We provide the contact information for the Idaho Unemployment Department below including the location, phone number and government website where you can find out how to file your claims, report fraud, find a job for employees and help businesses grow for employers. We also provide the information on how to file for ID unemployment online and file for unemployment over the phone.

If you lost your job at no fault of your own, then it is important to file your claim right away. Apply for benefits online during the week you are seeking payment, when your hours have been reduced or you are no longer employed. Do not wait until the week is over. They recommend applying before Friday at 5pm so that they can be available to assist you if you have difficulty with the online application. If you apply before Saturday at midnight (when the week ends), you can file your weekly certification on Sunday. If you do not apply during that week, that week will not count as your waiting week or a payable week. At the time of filing you will need information including your Social Security number. Driver's license, if you are not a citizen of the US, your Alien Registration number and card. Business names, complete addresses including zip codes and phone numbers of all employers for whom you worked during the past 2 years. Dates your work started and ended for those employers. Total gross earnings from those employers, reason you are no longer working for those employers and more. To see if you are eligible to receive these benefits and what additional information is needed when applying, find out how to file your Idaho unemployment claim. As a reminder, unemployment insurance benefits are taxable. You must report any unemployment benefits you receive as part of your gross income on your taxes.

  • Unemployment Department Location
  • Idaho Labor
    317 W Main St
    Boise, ID 83735

  • Unemployment Claim Phone Number
  • It appears there is not an option to file a ID unemployment claim over the phone.

  • Unempoyment Claim Online
  • The easist way to file your claim is through their online system. To file for ID unemployment online, click here.