How To File For Connecticut Unemployment

This page provides information on how to file for unemployment in Connecticut. If you lost your job or your hours were reduced at no fault of your own, you may qualify to receive unemployment benefits in your state. Review the information below, if you still have questions or issues about these benefits, then we suggest to contact your local Connecticut Unemployment Department for assistance. It is important that you file your new claim right away because Connecticut unemployment insurance are not retroactive.

Basic Connecticut unemployment eligibility requirements

Below is a list of the basic eligibility requirements to apply for unemployment benefits:

  • Be fully or partially unemployed
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Be physically and mentally able to work full time
  • Be available for full-time work
  • Be registered with the American Job Center
  • Be actively seeking work by making reasonable efforts to find employment each week
  • Participate in selected reemployment services if you are identified as a dislocated worker by the profiling system
  • File your weekly claims as directed

Filing Connecticut unemployment claim

A claim should be filed as soon as possible after you are separated from employment. You may file your initial claim or reopened claim 24/7 online by visting If you are unable to file a new claim online, please visit one of our American Job Centers locations. Do not delay in filing a claim if you do not have your separation packet which includes a pink slip. Your claim will be taken without it. Your claim is effective the Sunday of the week in which you first file for benefits. Ordinarily, you do not get paid for the weeks prior to the week you filed your initial claim.

Have your Social Security card and separation packet, if one was provided. If you are separating from the military, have separation form DD214, Member-4. Federal employees should bring separation form SF-8 and a copy of their most recent pay stub. If you are not a US citizen, you must have proof that you are work authorized in the USA. Do not delay filing a claim if you do not have these documents. Your claim can be filed without them, with the exception of those claimants that are required to provide proof of work authorization documents in this country. However, there may be a delay in payment until the document(s) are received.

Filing weekly claims

You may file a weekly claim for benefits online or by our automated Telebenefits Line, in English or Spanish. If you file online, go to The automated Telebenefits Line can also be used for claim inquiries and provides general information on Unemployment Compensation Benefits.

Automated TeleBenefits Phone Numbers filing weekly claims and claim inquiries
Ansonia 203-230-4939
Bridgeport 203-579-6291
Bristol 860-566-5790
Danbury 203-797-4150
Danielson 860-423-2521
Enfield 860-566-5790
Hamden 203-230-4939
Hartford 860-566-5790
Interstate 800-942-6653 (Out-of-state) or 860-256-3900 (In-state)
Manchester 860-566-5790
Meriden 860-344-2993
Middletown 860-344-2993
New Britain 860-566-5790
New London 860-443-2041
Norwich 860-443-2041
Stamford 203-348-2696
Torrington 860-482-5581
Waterbury 203-596-4140
Willimantic 860-423-2521

Benefit amount you will receive

They look at wages for a 12-month period that is called the Base Period. The time is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the calendar quarter in which you initiated the claim. Individuals who cannot establish monetary eligibility using wages in the previously described base period will use an alternate base period. The alternate base period consists of the four calendar quarters immediately preceding the quarter in which the claim is filed. To determine if a person has sufficient wage credits, the law requires that he or she must have total base period earnings that equals or exceeds 40 times the Weekly Benefit Rate. Normally, the maximum number of weeks of regular benefits payable is 26.

Payment Methods

There are two payment methods to choose from.

Direct Deposit

Enter your banking account information and you should receive payment in as quickly as two business days after your payment is released. Click here to create a CT Department of Labor account and select your method of payment.

Debit Card

If no action is taken, a debit card will automatically be mailed to you. The debit card will be mailed to you by Key Bank and arrive in 8 -10 business day after your first payment is released. If you previously had a debit card and no longer have this card, or it has expired, you should contact Key Bank at 866-295-2955 to request a new card.

  • Weekly Eligibility Requirements
  • You must be physically and mentally able to work
  • You must be actively seeking full-time work
  • You must keep a record/log of your job search activities
  • You must report any wages you earn for the week in which the work was performed
  • You must report any return to work to the Department of Labor promptly

Filing an appeal

You have only 21 calendar days from the date of the Administrator's predetermination hearing decision to file an appeal with the Appeals Division. Do not delay. Likewise, you have only 21 calendar days from the date of the Referee's decision to file an appeal to the Board of Review. Do not delay filing your appeal at either step.

Use the form available at any American Job Center, write a letter containing the basis for your appeal to the Appeals Division, or use the appeal form located here.

You may file in person at any American Job Center or at any Appeals Division office, or by fax or Internet. If you file by mail, use the US mail, or a private delivery service approved by the IRS: Airborne Express, DHL Worldwide Express, Federal Express, or United Parcel Service. Use a stamp, not a private postal meter. The date of mailing can only be determined by a U.S. Postal Service postmark.