New Hampshire Unemployment Department

The department in this state that handles unemployment insurance is called New Hampshire Employment Security. If you have questions or issues about filing a new or weekly unemployment claim, they should be able to assist you. We provide the contact information for the New Hampshire Unemployment Department below including the location, phone number and government website where you can find out how to file your claims, report fraud, find a job for employees and help businesses grow for employers. We also provide the information on how to file for NH unemployment online and file for unemployment over the phone.

If you lost your job at no fault of your own, then it is important to file your claim right away. This is the first claim you file after becoming unemployed, your first claim in a Benefit Year. It is not a request for compensation, but it serves as a notice to the Department and your employer that you may claim benefits. Your claim is effective the Sunday of the calendar week in which it is opened. To be timely to claim the week in which you last worked, you must file your initial claim within 3 business days of your last day worked. At the time of filing you will need information including your first and last name. Your social security number and your date of birth. To see if you are eligible to receive these benefits and what additional information is needed when applying, find out how to file your New Hampshire unemployment claim. As a reminder, unemployment insurance benefits are taxable. You must report any unemployment benefits you receive as part of your gross income on your taxes.

  • Unemployment Department Location
  • New Hampshire Employment Security
    45 South Fruit Street
    Concord, NH 03301

  • Unemployment Claim Phone Number
  • To file for NH unemployment benefits over the phone, call 800-266-2252.

  • Unempoyment Claim Online
  • The easist way to file your claim is through their online system. To file for NH unemployment online, click here.