Unemployment Office Locations

If you lose your job, there are a variety of benefits available to help you. One such benefit is called unemployment insurance. This program pays money to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own. In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must meet certain eligibility requirements determined by the state you live in. To see what the requirements are to be eligible, find out how to file for unemployment in your state. If you need assistance in filing your claim, then we provide a list of unemployment office locations that you can contact or use our Office Search tool to find locations that are near your address. They can assist you with filing your UI claim online or over the phone. Some locations allow you to file your unemployment claim through their office.

Each state has a department that provide services for employers looking to build their business and employees looking for a job. They can also assist with unemployment insurance, how to report fraud, the steps to submit your initial or weekly unemployment claim and more. Select your state below to find out how to contact your local department if you have questions or issues that you cannot find help with on this site.